No Deposit Slots

No deposit slots give you an opportunity to try out new games for free! They’re also quite widespread and get used by thousands of online casinos worldwide. Many people even say that they’re one of the best ways to start gambling at a new casino, and it’s hard to disagree. But are they actually as useful as people say?

What is a Free No Deposit Bonus?

Your average free no deposit bonus is aimed at newer players, and offers free benefits to start them off. This can be things like free spins, credit, cashback or even winnings multipliers. In some cases, it’ll even be combinations of multiple bonuses at once.
They’re not always just for new players, though. Some bonuses are available to all players through promotions or seasonal events. This isn’t quite as common, but it’s still a noteworthy way to get hold of some bonuses for free. Since you don’t have to deposit anything, you also aren’t going to be pushed to spend extra money.
The main difference between a regular bonus and a no deposit bonus is the cost. As the name suggests, you don’t need to make a deposit to get them. They might cost money down the line for certain features, but they’re initially free. This makes them far more accessible than a deposit match bonus or a wager multiplier. On top of that, you can still earn real money with them in most cases!
There are two main types of no deposit bonus:
Free spins, which apply to slot games only. Each free spin gives you a chance to spin the reels for free, as if you’d made a wager or bet.
Credit, which is more versatile. It acts as “fake money” that’s tied to your account with the casino. You can’t withdraw it directly, but you can withdraw money you win with it.
You’ll also sometimes get multipliers or cashback bonuses. Multipliers give you more money when you win, leading to bigger profits. Cashback bonuses give you some compensation money when you lose, reducing your losses.

Who’s Eligible for Bonuses on No Deposit Slots?

Each bonus is unique, meaning that they’ll all have their own special terms and conditions. You need to make sure you follow these properly since the casino can terminate the bonus at any time if they need to. This means that some bonuses won’t be available to specific people, no matter what.
For example, a welcome bonus is generally only used by new players. If you set up a second account using your details, the casino will notice and remove the bonus, or maybe even ban you. If you’ve never had an account with the casino before, they’ll let you take the bonus. Because of this, many will ask you to verify your identity and ban the new account if you already made one.
Certain bonuses get given to existing players rather than new ones. This is usually a way to keep long-time players engaged or get them to return to the site again. Most casinos that offer this will choose to give them out at their discretion. This means that new players won’t usually have access to them, even if they’re making bets.
There can also be special promos that are only valid in some countries. For example, differences in gambling laws mean a bonus that’s legal in the US might be banned for UK players. This is extremely important if you’re playing casinos in foreign countries. Make sure you research these bonuses beforehand so that you know which ones you can activate or earn.

How Can I Activate No Deposit Bonuses?

There are many ways you can activate a bonus, since each one is different. Some will need you to perform a specific action, like confirming your mobile number. Others will be given to you if you refer another new user. In rare cases, you might even get them completely at random, without warning. For new players, you’ll often have to verify your identity before you can get these bonuses.
Some sites might have a “bonuses” page on your profile where they’re stored. This gives you the option of activating them straight away, or saving them for a while. Keep in mind that usual restrictions and expiry dates will still apply.
You might also earn them through bonus codes. These are codes that you can apply at any time, and don’t have the same restrictions. A special promotional event might give out a code that offers 20 free spins, for example. As long as you have an account, you can use that code to gain the bonus instantly.

Can I Keep My Winnings?

This is a difficult question to ask, since the answer varies depending on how you look at things. Most free bonuses will let you keep your winnings, but not for free – you’ll need to hit wager requirements. These are a multiplier that you need to pay before you can withdraw your money. For example, a x30 wager rule means that £200 winnings could only be withdrawn once you’d bet a total of £6000. Not great, but it’s still good for people who are willing to deposit after trying the site and games out.
This might sound bad, but it depends on the other rules. Some bonuses will make the money expire after a certain point, so you need to make your bets before then. Others will keep the money forever until you either spend or claim it. Yes, you can spend it in most casinos – your free winnings can act like free credit. This technically means that you can turn free spins into free credit, giving you more time to test the games out.

Free No Deposit Bonus

Below are some of the notable sites that offer no deposit bonuses, as well as any extras they can give you.
888 Casino
888 Casino hosts NetEnt games, and uses their bonus system. They offer new players £88 in credit, which you can activate using the promotional page. It has a wager requirement of 30 and a winnings cap of £15.
They also offer a £5 no deposit bonus on the Starburst game. It’s claimed through a specific page, and gets sent via email. If you don’t claim the email within two days, it expires. The wager requirement is x30, and the withdrawal limit is £500.
PocketWin Casino
PocketWin casino gives players a £10 bonus completely for free. All you need to do is verify your identity with a phone number. The wager limit is x40, and there’s a cash-out limit of £50.
777 Casino
888 Casino has a promotional page that gives you £21 when you sign up. You’ll need to claim it through email, so make sure you use an accurate email address. It needs a x30 wager and is only valid for 7 days after claiming it.
mFortune Casino has a £10 bonus to new players who verify their mobile number. This bonus needs a x20 wager and you can withdraw up to £200 in total.
Energy Casino
Energy Casino offers £5 with a x50 wager, but no clear expiry date. You need to set up an account and spin their site’s wheel twice. Once that’s done, you email [email protected] with the subject line 5FREE to claim it.
Cashmo provides players with 50 free spins on the Rainbow Slots game. You need to verify your mobile number to get full access to them, though. There’s a £50 cash out limit, so keep that in mind as well.
LV BET casino provides £5 to new sign-ups. You’ll need to email them yourself to claim it, using the subject like “£5”. You can’t cash out more than £100 with it, and there’s a x50 wager requirement.
Dr. Slot
Dr. Slot has a 20-free-spin bonus on the Fruit Bandit came, activated by signing up and verifying your phone. You’ll need the Dr. Slot app to claim the bonus. It has a x40 wagering requirement and can’t be claimed on a desktop device alone.
Sun Bingo
Sun Bingo gives its players £10 to use on the Jewels Bingo room. You need to verify your phone number with a text, then use a code you receive. The wagering requirements are very low (only x4) and it expires in seven days.
Mr. Spin
Mr. Spin casino has a £5 bonus, with a x1 wager requirement. This is a surprisingly relaxed rule, but you still can’t withdraw more than £50 from it.

How Should I Use These Bonuses?

Activating one of these bonuses gives you a big advantage in the short-term, so it can be hard to know how to use them. There are two reasons that somebody might want to make heavy use of a bonus like this.
The first is to explore the site and its games. Having free spins or free credit makes this much easier and cheaper. You don’t have to spend your own money testing different games, and you can get used to the site’s deeper features. Even if it’s only limited to one game, it can still give you an example of how the site feels to play on.
In addition, using a bonus like this allows you to safely leave the site for good if you don’t like it. You won’t be leaving any of your own money behind, and you’ll have lost nothing but your time. If a site doesn’t offer a “play for free” option, this might be the best alternative.
This is even more useful if you’re brand-new to gambling in general. Being able to play some games for free lets you develop a decent strategy without pouring money away. It also helps you get an idea of what gambling is like in a real online casino environment.
The other reason for using these bonuses is to earn a profit. While you need to hit wager requirements to withdraw anything, they’re still useful. A few free spins gives you a chance to hit a big jackpot or huge payout straight away. It can also be useful for getting used to the bonus features on a game, so that you can use them to your advantage later.
This is especially useful for slot games, where a jackpot can be literally a spin away. Once you have it, you can start making regular bets to hit the wager requirements. Having that money ready to withdraw at any time means that it’s easier to play that game later on. You can just play normally and you’ll eventually hit the wager limit, giving you a sudden rush of money back.

Are These Bonuses Trustworthy?

It’s understandable to be suspicious of these bonuses, since they might seem too good to be true. However, the wager requirements play a big part in it – either way, you’ll be paying the casino if you want to win. This isn’t a bad thing at all – it’s just how the casino makes money.
You should only trust bonuses from casinos you already trust, though. Bonuses have a lot of restrictions and rules. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for a fake casino to scam you out of money without giving you a legal way to stop them. Look into reviews of any casino before you use a bonus, especially if you have to prove your identity.

Are Deposit Free Slots Bonuses Worth Using?

Most free no deposit bonuses are quite useful, but not everybody will agree. Quite a few people dislike them thanks to the high wager requirements. It can be difficult to win a meaningful amount when you need to pay to withdraw it. However, the fact that you can use it as credit makes this less of an issue.
You’ll get different amounts of use out of these bonuses depending on what your goals are. For example, free spins aren’t that useful if you don’t care about slot games, whereas credit can be. For some players, a multiplier won’t be any use, since you might never hit a huge payout.
Remember that not all bonuses will be available to you. Some will be banned in certain countries due to gambling laws, and others will only be given to some players. New player bonuses are off-limits to everybody but new players. Promotions might only run in some areas of the world, too, which can lock you out of getting them.
If you can activate a bonus, and it’ll be useful or help with your gambling experience, there’s no reason to not use it. The only downside might be the wagering requirements, but they can be ignored if you don’t need a profit. As long as you play well and use bonuses carefully, you can walk away with extra money and experience. Even if you don’t, you won’t have lost anything by using them, since no deposit was involved.

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