New No Deposit Casino Sites

No deposit bonuses aren’t a new idea, but they’re still as popular as ever. Online casinos are offering them to attract more and more new players to try their games. It’s easy to find sites offering them, but are they actually worth tracking down?

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

Sites offer these free cash no deposit bonuses as a way of starting new players off when they first visit. This can be anything from credit to free spins to winnings multipliers. They all have their own special rules and interests, and can be activated in different ways.
One of the main differences between deposit and no deposit bonuses is the cost. As the name suggests, no deposit is necessary, so you can get these bonuses for free. This makes them far more accessible to new players, or new gamblers in general.
Some of these bonuses aren’t just for new players, though. You might also get them through promotions or loyalty systems.
Each casino will host its own specific version of these bonuses. This means that each casino can offer different things or unique extra features.

What Can These Bonuses Be?

Different bonuses be used in different ways. The two most common are free spins and credits, but multipliers and cashback can turn up too. Each bonus acts in different ways:
Free spins are used for slot games, and act as a free version of a regular spin. They still operate in the same way and have the same odds of winning. The only differences are that you don’t pay for them, and that the winnings might have a wager limit.
Credit is “fake money” that you can’t withdraw, which is only used within the casino itself. It’s mostly used on games where you can set your own bets, but not always. Credit might be displayed seperately, but some casinos merge it with your real cash. The only drawback (aside from wager limits) is that you can’t take it out like real money.
Multipliers give you a bonus to your bets or winnings. They’re not as common, but they don’t always come with the wager limits of other bonuses. Unless they come with free spins or credit, you’ll still need to make a real bet to earn something from it. The bonus itself is “free”, but not the money you’ll earn from it.
Cashback and refunds apply to your losses. Again, they’re not completely free, since they rely on you betting with real money. They generally work on a percentage basis. If you have 10% cashback, you’ll earn £20 for every £200 you lose, for example. Due to the way they work, they’ll usually be time-limited, rather than limited to a certain number of spins or bets.
Cash bonuses. These are similar to credit, but with fewer restrictions. You still can’t usually withdraw it directly, but it’s treated as if you deposited it yourself.
Some bonuses might be zero-wager bonuses, which are a relatively new sight in many casinos. These have none of the wagering requirements or rules, making them incredibly valuable. Even if you’re a long-term player, you’ll want to get hold of these straight away. They act as free spins with zero drawbacks, other than whatever it takes to activate them in the first place.
Many will also be time-limited or have an expiry date. If you don’t use them before they run out, they’ll vanish. In some cases, the money you’ve earned can also vanish if you don’t withdraw it fast enough.

What Rules Can These Bonuses Have?

As long as you’re following the rules, you can use as many of these bonuses as you find. However, there are often restrictions on what they can do. For example, you might only be able to earn a certain amount. Even if you go beyond the limit, you’ll not be able to withdraw the extra money, and it’ll become credit or vanish.
Some will also have restrictions on where they can be used. Some bonuses, mainly free spins, will only work on certain games. This will mean that they can’t be transferred to other games or used elsewhere.
Credit is often different: it’ll either be usable on multiple games, or just act as more wager money. This can let you spread it across a wide range of games, or focus it all on one game that you enjoy.
In rare cases, as mentioned earlier, you might find a zero-wager bonus. It’s worth using these if possible, since it’s free money with almost no downside.

Can I Keep What I Win?

You can technically keep what you win with no deposit bonuses, but not easily. Many of them have wager requirements that you need to meet to claim your winnings. For example, if you win £40, a wager requirement of x20 will give you to pay £800 in bets to get it. This doesn’t have to be in a single bet – it builds up over time, even with small bets.
Not all bonuses have these requirements. In fact, some will let you keep your money with no extra steps necessary. You’ll still have to actually win something first, though. Just because you have a bonus doesn’t mean that you’ll win something, and it comes down to luck.

How Do I Activate These Bonuses?

Activating your no deposit bonuses is generally quite easy. However, there is more than one way they can work. Some need you to send an email to their support team after signing up. Others might be automatic, or could activate after getting verifying your account. Regardless of how you activate a bonus, you’ll need to stick to its rules.
First of all, not every bonus is variable for every person. A welcome bonus will only be accessible to new players, for example. This can also mean that you’ll miss new promotions that didn’t exist when you created your account.
Secondly, some of them will only be available in certain countries. A lot of countries have different gambling laws, and some things might be banned there. Always research potential bonuses ahead of time in case they’re country-specific.

Major New No Deposit Bonuses

Sites are always changing around the bonuses they offer, so new ones can appear every day. Some of the more recent offers from well-known casinos include:
Casumo offers its player 30 free spins as part of a no-deposit bonus, along with a £300 bonus if you choose to deposit. This free money is given as a deposit bonus of %100, meaning that you need to pay £150 for the full amount. Winnings from these bonuses have a x30 wagering requirement to claim.
BGO Casino
BGO is currently offering 10 entirely free spins. They don’t need any deposit and have no wagering requirement. You can only claim them if you verify your mobile number, though.
Trada Casino
Trada Casino gives new players 50 no deposit free spins when they sign up. To deposit your winnings, you’ll need to make a £10 deposit, but it’ll be withdraw immediately. This is just to check your identity. The maximum withdraw limit is £20.
Yeti Casino
Yeti Casino is offering 23 no deposit free spins at a x40 wagering requirement. You also get a 100% refund bonus on lost money up to £111. This second bonus has a x60 wager.
Energy Casino
Energy Casino is giving away 30 no deposit slots at a x35 wager.
Rizk Casino
Rizk Casino has a bonus of 10 no deposit spins, along with 50 bonus spins if you then choose to deposit £50. This deposit will also double to £100. The wager requirements are x20.
Dunder Casino
Dunder Casino are giving away 20 free spins with no deposit. These spins only work on the Book of Dead game. If you choose to deposit after that, you’ll get 50 more, as well as a 100% match bonus. The spins have a wager of x30, and the deposit has x60.
Las Vegas Casino
Las Vegas Casino gives all new players 20 free spins on Book of Dead slots. If you deposit after that, you get up to £400 of bonus free cash and 80 more spins.
7casino offers players 7 free spins with no deposit. They have no wagering requirements and no maximum withdrawal limit.
Paddy Power Games
Paddy Power Games has a big bonus of 100 no deposit free spins once you verify your account with a text.

Should I Trust Free Bonuses?

Casinos offer bonuses to draw people in, so they’re rarely designed to scam their players. If a bonus leaves you feeling cheated, it hasn’t done its job properly. Because of this, many casinos will do their best to keep these bonuses working and accessible.
The only time you shouldn’t trust a bonus like this is if it’s coming from a casino you already don’t trust. Many bonuses ask you give away personal details. Make sure you research each casino before you choose to use a bonus.
Some casinos are also known for refusing to let people withdraw their winnings. This can make it hard to get your money if you happen to win a big jackpot using your bonus. Focus on reliable casinos first, and only go for another one if you really want something they offer.

Are These Bonuses Worth It?

It’s easy to feel like these bonuses might not be worth it, thanks to the wagering requirements. However, they can actually be incredibly useful. Having a way to try out new games and casinos for free is always handy. Many casinos forget to offer any kind of “play for free” system, and this can be a great workaround.
Since they’re free, you also don’t always have to add your personal data to the site. There are some exceptions, but you don’t need to add bank info until you actually withdraw money.
The only time a bonus isn’t really worth using is if it’s for a game you hate. No amount of free spins will make you enjoy a bland game.
One of the best features of these bonuses is the fact that they’re free. If you activate one, but end up not enjoying the site, you can leave without losing money. This makes them useful for first-time gamblers who aren’t sure if they enjoy it yet.
Free spins also give you a chance of earning a jackpot or high payout for free. While you’ll need to meet a wager requirement to withdraw it, it can still happen. The more spins you have, the greater the chance.

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