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NetEnt is a well-known casino game supplier and has worked with casinos across the world. Their games are high-quality and fair to players, getting constant updates and support. Since NetEnt has a lot of freedom with their games, they’re often designed with bonuses in mind. In fact, all their games support most bonus features and promotions.
That’s not all they offer, though. NetEnt have their own bonus codes built right into their games. These don’t require a deposit, so you can earn bonuses for specific games at any time! Not only that, but these codes can also be given away in promotions and special events.

    What Is a Netent No Deposit Bonus?

    These bonuses can be given to any user isn’t a depositing player or players who have been idle for a while. They’re meant to go towards players who are interested in a game but haven’t put any money down yet. This can be people without a stable income, those who don’t want to lose money or people who aren’t sure what a game is like. Players who’ve ignored the site for a while can also get them as an offer to return and play at the site again.
    Like most no deposit bonuses, they’ll usually go towards new players. It’s a proven way of getting players interested, and it gives them a useful advantage. However, these bonuses aren’t permanent, and they wear off eventually. Players can’t take advantage of them as a permanent boost to their account.
    As you might expect, you don’t have to pay anything to activate these bonuses. They’re entirely deposit-free, at least to activate them. Some casinos might ask you to make a deposit to withdraw winnings, though.

    Why Should I Use a Netent No Deposit Bonus?

    There are very few downsides to using a NetEnt no deposit bonus. Not only will you get extra benefits for free, but you might even win real money. It doesn’t cost anything to earn them, and they can come in a variety of forms.
    The exact bonus varies with each casino, so you never know what you might find. Since you don’t need to make a deposit, you don’t lose any money if you find you don’t like the bonus. Certain bonuses might even make it easier to earn a profit with your first few spins.
    The only real downsides are that they can be hard to find. Many casinos offer them as welcome bonuses, which you can only use once. The ones that don’t might hide them behind a VIP system or offer them at random. In some cases, they could even be seasonal promotions or one-time deals.
    Regardless of how you get them, there’s almost no reason to pass up a free NetEnt no deposit bonus. They’re simple, effective and give you a slight edge when you’re trying to win big.

    How Do I Activate Them?

    These bonuses are all activated in different ways. It depends on the casino you’re playing at since they’ll all have their own bonus systems. Some might want to you to enter a code while playing the game itself, others will make it account-specific. In most cases, the bonuses are earned and applied automatically. You don’t have any input on how they’re activated, only on how they’re used.
    This means that each casino gets to choose if you can use these bonuses, not NetEnt themselves.
    As no deposit bonuses, you won’t have to put any money down to activate them. You might still have to link your bank account and/or mobile number, though. This is to prevent abuse or identity fraud, especially since the bonus is free. Many casinos dislike it when a user knowingly creates a second account to use new player bonuses.
    Not all casinos that carry NetEnt games will choose to allow all bonuses. One bonus might work in one casino but not at another. They’re also not usually transferable between casinos, either. Once you activate a bonus on one site, it stays on that site.
    In addition, the majority of these NetEnt no deposit bonuses are game-specific. If you activate some free spins on a slot game, you won’t be able to use them on another slot game. There can be exceptions, but it’s very rare.

    What Kind of No Deposit Bonus Can I Get?

    There are multiple different no deposit bonuses on offer, and all have their own uses. This includes:

    • Free spins. These are like normal spins but free, as the name suggests. Each one will allow you to take a spin on a slot game, without any restrictions on what you can win. It’s entirely possible to trigger a huge jackpot with them if you’re lucky. Remember that you usually can’t choose to avoid using them. They’ll get used up in place of your normal spins until they’re all gone.
    • Credit. Wagering credit is “fake money” that lets you place bets and wagers for free. You can’t withdraw it as real money, but you can win real money using it. Unlike free spins, credit is more flexible, and you might even be able to use it on more than one game.
    • Multipliers. These aren’t very common, but they multiply your winnings. They can be useful if you want to win more money from a lucky spin. However, unless they come with free spins or credit, you’ll still have to pay for every wager.
    • A VIP system. Some casinos have a paid VIP system, unlike the free VIP available to all players. It’s very rare, but some will offer a period of this premium VIP as a no deposit bonus. This can give you a short period of access to other bonuses or features until the membership runs out.

    On top of that, many bonuses also come with extras if you decide to deposit some money after testing out some games. This can include things like:

    • Match bonuses. These multiply your deposits by “matching” the amount. A 100% match bonus would turn $20 into a $40, but you’d still only pay the original amount. The more you deposit, the more free money you’ll get to match it. Be aware that there are always explicit limits to each match bonus, though.
    • More free spins. Quite a few sites offer even more free spins if you choose to deposit money after using up your existing ones. The number of spins can either be fixed or based on your deposit. For example, with a fixed bonus, you could get 100 spins no matter how much you deposit. With scaling free spin bonuses, you might only get 20 if you deposit $20, but 50 if you deposit $30.
    • Cashback. This is quite a rare bonus. It simply gives you back some of your money every time you lose: at %5 cashback, you’ll get back $5 for every $100. This makes each loss a little bit less harsh and gives you more money to gamble with.
    • Extra betting money. In many casinos, you’ll get bonuses to your first few deposits. This is often done as multiple match bonuses. For example, you might get a $600 bonus, split into three match bonuses of up to $200 on your first three deposits. If you deposit less than the maximum, you won’t get the full $600, but you’ll still end up with slightly more money to wager.

    Some casinos will offer combinations of these bonuses. It’s possible to end up with free spins and a multiplier, or a combination of free and paid bonuses. This varies from casino to casino, so make sure you research them ahead of time.

    Are There Restrictions on the Bonuses?

    Bonuses can’t go on forever, and many of them will have built-in limits. The most obvious is a limit to the number of spins or credit you get. You won’t be able to get infinite free spins, and casinos will do their best to stop you exploiting that. You’ll only get what they offer you, and nothing more. Players who keep making new accounts to circumvent this limit will always get banned.
    Many free bonuses will also have a wager requirement on your winnings. This means that you’ll have to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw them. You’ll often find this in free spins, and sometimes on credit, but it’s rare for other bonuses. This kind of wager limit is extremely rare in paid deposit bonuses.
    Different free bonuses can have their own terms and conditions, too. Some won’t be accessible outside of certain countries, or can’t be used in certain ways. You might also have to provide a certain type of proof of identity before you can use them, often a phone number. This is to stop people from creating more than one account to use these free bonuses over and over again.
    Wagering requirements will often be one of the biggest roadblocks you’ll face. Luckily, you don’t have to pay that wager straight away, and you can use your winnings as more betting credit.

    Are There Restrictions on the Bonuses?

    NetEnt’s widespread presence means that it’s easy to find casinos hosting their games. If a casino has NetEnt games, it probably has NetEnt bonuses too. Different sites will have their own rules and preferences, so make sure you check their terms.
    Casumo is a very well-liked online casino, and offers a decent bonus for new players. If you’re a non-UK player, you’ll get 20 free spins with an x30 wagering requirement. These spins, at the moment, can only be used on Book of Dead slots. You also get up a 100% bonus up to £300 if you chose to deposit.
    888 Fun
    888 Fun has been around for over 20 years, and operates a desktop and mobile version of their site. New players get £88 of credit for free, and can get an additional €140 from a 100% match bonus.
    Evobet has a small €5 bonus for new players. This bonus doesn’t work for players in the UK, the US, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine or Russia.
    Spintropolis has over 1,300 games, and a lot of them are by NetEnt. New players get €11 upon signing up, and 20 free spins. If you choose to deposit, there’s a 200% match bonus up to €200, too.
    Lord Lucky
    Lord Lucky has well over 2,000 games to try out. It offers all players €5 when they confirm their mobile number, but the site isn’t available to UK players.
    Lapalingo gives new sign-ups a €10 no deposit bonus. You have to use the code “SPECIAL200” to activate it.
    OrentXpress has its own special VIP system, allowing you to earn bonuses by playing. On top of these loyalty bonuses, you also get a €10 no deposit bonus for signing up. You need to use the code “NETENTCASINO” to activate it.
    Mr. Green
    Mr. Green hosts many of NetEnt’s games, and they’ve collaborated on projects before. The casino gives new players 20 free spins o the Jimi Hendrix game.
    Energy Casino
    Energy Casino hosts over 100 games, and allows new players to claim £5 for free. To claim it, you need to visit the site and spin its special wheel twice. Then you need to email them at [email protected] with the subject line “5FREE” to activate it.
    LV BET
    LV Bet casino uses this email system too, and offers the same bonus of £5. You can email them as soon as your account gets validated, and don’t need to do anything else first.
    bCasino offers players a £5 bonus when you very your email. There’s no limit to which games you can use it on, but it has an x60 wager requirement and a limit of £100 cash-out.
    777 Casino
    777 Casino offers players up to £21 as a no-deposit bonus. You just need to sign up through the correct promotional page. The money is only valid for 7 days, and has an x30 wager requirement.
    William Hill
    William Hill casino is one of the most famous in the UK, and offers players £10. You can earn it by ‘opting in’ from the site’s promotional page.

    How Should I Use Netent No Deposit Bonus?

    Once you earn one of these bonuses, you’ll want to try and play it smart. You might never get another chance to activate the same bonus, and not all bonuses are around forever. In fact, many casinos have bonuses that eventually expire. There’s a long list of casinos that never fixed their NetEnt bonuses, and they’re unusable now.
    The wagering rules can be the only problem with some of these bonuses. It makes it impossible to earn money for free without paying at some point. Not everybody will mind this, but it can be difficult to justify some of the high wagers.
    On the other hand, free spins and credit can be a great way to experience new games. Very few casinos have a “play for free” option, so playing them for the first time and feel risky. If you have a bonus like this, it doesn’t cost you anything to try it out. This is extremely useful for people who are completely new to gambling as a pastime.
    Of course, there’s also the fact that multipliers have no downsides whatsoever. There’s rarely any reason to want to win less money, and they can boost your winnings to an extremely high level. Keep an eye out for wager requirements, though.

    Should I Trust These Bonuses?

    Bonuses are generally completely safe to use. The only exceptions might be if it’s a casino that you don’t trust anyway. Remember that some bonuses need you to verify your phone number – not everybody wants to do this.
    It’s also important to remember that the casino doesn’t want you to bankrupt them. That’s why wagering requirements exist. The more you earn, the more you’ll need to wager, since you’d otherwise be taking their money for free. This can catch people off guard, but it’s not a problem as long as you stay aware. You don’t have to withdraw this money at all if you don’t want to, so you can use it as credit, too.
    Most casinos reserve the right to hold your money for any reason. This is generally used to stop scams, but some dishonest casinos can keep your winnings for no reason. Research them ahead of time and look for reviews that mention this behavior. There’s not usually much you can do if it happens to you, though. Always know your casino ahead of time, and don’t risk too much at once. No deposit bonuses can actually be useful for this, since they give you an idea of how the casino treats players. If something feels off, you won’t have to leave any deposited money behind if you switch to a new casino.

    Does Using No Deposit Bonuses Work?

    Not depositing can really limit your casino experience if you’re using a “plat for free” option. That’s kind of the point, though, since casinos need money coming in to operate. If every player could play for free and win money, they’d have no income.
    Still, there’s nothing wrong with trying to use these no deposit bonuses. But make sure you’re not expecting to win anything big – the wager rules will make it hard. Most no deposit bonuses draw people in, but don’t actually make it easier to win anything huge. They’re not a tool for leaving the casino with the jackpot (although that can happen sometimes). They’re more of a marketing tool and a way for people to experience the casino without wasting money.
    If a bonus comes up for a casino that you’re already part of, it’s up to you whether you want to use it.
    You should obviously never create a new account to get a bonus unless you’re actually a new player. If it’s a promotional bonus for all players, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of it. As long as you follow the casino’s rules and don’t try to scam them or abuse their system, you’ll be fine.

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